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We respect your privacy

The information you provide will only be used to provide you with information on Halozyme Therapeutics’ Hylenex® recombinant (hyaluronidase human injection) and related programs and services. When you submit information that can identify you, such as your name, address, telephone number, email address, and other similar information, you consent to its disclosure and use for these purposes. We may share your information with our partners who facilitate the delivery of this information.

If you ever decide that you do not wish to receive information from us regarding our therapies and services, contact us at:

Halozyme Therapeutics

11388 Sorrento Valley Road
San Diego, CA 92121

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints about our information practices:

  • call 855-HYLENEX (855-495-3639)
  • fax your inquiry to 800-881-6092
  • email us at
  • send us mail at 11388 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92121
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Hylenex® recombinant (hyaluronidase human injection) is an endoglycosidase indicated as an adjuvant to increase the dispersion and absorption of other injected drugs.

Important Safety Information:

Hylenex recombinant is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to hyaluronidase or any of the excipients in Hylenex recombinant. Discontinue Hylenex recombinant if sensitization occurs.

Warnings and Precautions
Spread of Localized Infection: Hyaluronidase should not be injected into or around an infected or acutely inflamed area because of the danger of spreading a localized infection.

Ocular Damage: Hyaluronidase should not be applied directly to the cornea. It is not for topical use.

Adverse Reactions
Allergic reactions have been reported in less than 0.1% of patients receiving hyaluronidase. Anaphylactic-like reactions following retrobulbar block or intravenous injections have occurred, rarely.

The most frequently reported adverse reactions have been mild local injection site reactions, such as erythema and pain. Hyaluronidase has been reported to enhance the adverse reactions associated with co-administered drug products.

Drug Interactions
Furosemide, the benzodiazepines, products containing sodium metabisulfite (e.g. in local anesthetic products containing epinephrine) and phenytoin are incompatible with hyaluronidase.

Hyaluronidase should not be used to enhance the dispersion and absorption of dopamine and/or alpha agonist drugs.

When used with local anesthetics, hyaluronidase hastens the onset of analgesia and shortens its duration of effect, and increases the incidence of systemic reactions.

Patients receiving large doses of salicylates, cortisone, ACTH, estrogens or antihistamines may require larger amounts of hyaluronidase for equivalent dispersing effect.

Available by prescription only.

You may report an adverse event related to Hylenex recombinant by calling 1-877-877-1679. If you prefer, you may contact the FDA directly.
 Visit, or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

Please see the Full Prescribing Information.

* Monthly hyaluronidase market share based on DDD© Non-Retail Sales Data from IQVIA© (May 2013-September 2020)

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